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Preparing for your boudoir session:


Pre-prep your skin!   With an approaching photo session you want to make sure to take the time to prep your skin to be as beautiful as possible.   If you want to get some color,  make sure this is done ahead of time, and avoid fake orange tanners or any kind of tan lines.   If you wax, make sure to get it done a few days prior that that your skin is not irritated.  Moisturize!   Apply lotion every day to ensure smooth skin.  Don’t start using new products that you are not familiar with since you won't want to risk a bad reaction.  


This is a moment that is well worth having your hair and make up done professionally! We have great news!  Our new location is above an eyelash studio!  The ladies downstairs will be offering hair, makeup and lashes before your session for those women who are looking to get it all done in one stop.  To book an in house session  CLICK HERE TO BOOK HAIR/MAKEUP/LASHES

      If you decide to take measures into your own hands, we suggest smokey eyes, dramatic lashes and red lips.  Fake lashes do magic wonders for boudoir sessions as well, as your’e closing your eyes or  looking off to the side. Hair usually looks the best down. Make sure that if you color your hair that you have it done days prior.  Don’t forget to bring your hot tools for touch ups in between!  Don’t forget to sculpt those eyebrows days prior as well!  


We suggest brining 3 different looks along with you.  Black high heels are a must!  Take a look in the back of your closet for the super sexy heels that are usually too painful to wear out all night.   Black or white bra and underwear sets usually look great, as well as stockings and garter belts.   If you are doing this as a gift for someone special, we suggest brining one of their favorite button up shirts or jerseys.   Silk robes, sheets/towel, or a XL sweater with knee high socks are also a great look!   Make sure you try everything on, and bring what makes you feel sexy and confident!  Keep in mind outfits don’t have to be clothing- they could be things (like his guitar or a bunch of fresh flowers)   As for the day of, try to wear loose fitting clothing to your session to ensure your skin does not have tension marks.  Keep in mind we do have bonus fun accessories here at the studio for you to use as well!


The week prior to your photoshoot, try to drink as much water as possible to make your skin glow.   Just make sure to avoid to many salty foods so you don’t feel bloated.  Try to avoid over eating carbs, sugars and over processed foods the week of so you feel on top of your game!  Try to have everything packed the night before and get to bed early so you are well rested and not stressed the day of.

Have fun!

Most women have never done something like this before and it’s normal for feel a little nervous.   Try not to stress yourself out though!   Our female photographers are very down to earth and will have you feeling comfortable and beautiful in no time!  We do offer complimentary mimosas to those over 21 to help you break the ice a little.  Also think about what kind of music makes you feel confident and sexy and we’d be  happy to play your jams during your session.  Don’t stress out about your imperfections! All woman are beautiful in their own way, so don't compare yourself to others!   You can let your  photographer know what your favorite (or his favorite) parts are and what you are not as comfortable with.   Our photographers do a great job posing you to show off all of your best assets and let your inner beauty shine!  By the end of your session you will feel so empowered and ready to take on the world!  

What to expect

Try to allow yourself plenty of travel time so you aren’t anxious in traffic.  Our new boutique location is located off Dixie highway above an Tami Jo's Eyelash studio.  You will love the chic vibes the second you walk into the building!  During your private session you will be working with only female staff.  Each session lasts for 1 hour.  The quicker you are able to change, the more time you will have in the camera room.  You are welcome to show the photographer samples of photos that you like for inspiration.  We will photograph you on a variety of backgrounds with different lighting effects. We tell you exactly how to pose and what to do to achieve the best looks possible.   After your session we will set you up with an appointment to return to view your portraits as early as the next day.  During that time we edit through your photos and apply a skin softening effect.  When you return, be prepared to be blown away with many beautiful options!  There is usually anywhere from 60-100 portraits to choose from.  We will also show you samples of things like collage/album pages, advanced airbrushing and different ways you can order. There is no purchase minimums!   We do our own printing here at the studio and offer things like portrait sheets, digital files, albums, wall art and more.  

If you have any other questions or concerns please call us at 561-421-7961

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